DemoanlageIn the context of numerous demonstration activities and pilot deployments of Smart Grid technologies in Austria, the need for a testing environment for automation components, smart grid controllers and their parameterization became obvious. The test facility “Intelligent Low Voltage Grid” allows various smart grid use cases to be analyzed and demonstrated. It provides a real low voltage grid with down scaled power and reduced configuration.
Based on the experiences from several simulations, demonstrations and test facilities of smart grid technologies in Austria, there is a need for a development and test environment for automation concepts and smart grid control units. New technologies have to be tested in safe environments before they are used in field tests, in order to prevent possible problems there. The “Intelligent Low Voltage Grid” is a simulation of a low voltage grid, where loads and generators are emulated. The low voltage grid consists of a local transformer and four houses, of which two of them have photovoltaics. The topology of the grid can modified. Through the software, accelerated profiles can be run and the functionality of the hardware is defined. It allows the following concept topics to be tested in the system: algorithms for controlling a tap changer, island mode within the grid, building automation concepts, smart metering and automatic switch state detection. This project is a close cooperation between Siemens Austria and Vienna University of Technology.


Demoanlage (Foto: Friederich Kupzog)


About Alexander Wendt

Alexander Wendt was born in 1981 in Sweden. After high school and a year of study at the University of Linköping, Sweden, in 2002 he began studying Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology. His focus was applied and computer-supported physics. The degree program was completed in 2007. Between 2007 and 2010 he worked as a Safety Engineer at Frequentis AG. Since 2010 he is working on his dissertation in Cognitive Automation and situational awareness. His research focuses on the areas of artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, and database systems. In cooperation with the company Frequentis AG, he was active in the project GÖPL (Public Private Joint Situation Report), with the task of evaluating data base systems. Since mid-2011, he has worked in the field of Smart Grids in a project in cooperation with Siemens AG, where he is responsible for the development of network communication.
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