ProAktivNetz analyzed how distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RES) can be
optimally integrated in real network operation, considering planned shutdowns or ProaktivNetz_Poster

unforeseen disturbances within the distribution grid. Reacting to these occurences, and the correlation
between them, is a great challenge for future operation software. The project therefore
developed and tested appropriate concepts and algorithms for an optimized automated operation
of the distribution network, taking into account the actual and future schedules of distributed
RES. The solutions considered modelling of the decentralized generation(photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants), algorithms for planned outages as well as disturbances in the distribution network. Main goal of the project was to ensure a safe and efficient operation and maximize the integration of distributed RES in all operating situations of future active distribution grids.




About Evangelia Xypolytou

Evangelia Xypolytou was born in Greece in 1984. She started her Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the year 2002 at the Polytechnic school of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her specialization was Telecommunication systems and her diploma thesis regarded the optimization and development of microstrip antennas. In 2010 she studied further in the field of automation systems. Her master thesis regarded the energy production from geothermal fluids and the case study of a geothermal field in northern Greece. She has worked as supervisor for electromechanical installations and on hardware and software development for automation systems. Since October 2013 she is researcher in the Institute of Computer Technology in the field of Smart Grids; distributed energy sources, demand side management, communication technologies.
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