NTP SG Austria – Nationale Technologieplattform Smart Grids

NTP SG Austria

There are many existing opportunities for the Austrian industry in the area of Smart Grids (e.g. for component development, software systems, steering tools). To use these opportunities, a “National Technology Platform – Smart Grids Austria” was founded in May 2008 through national industry, network operators, and research stakeholders. The “National Technology Platform – Smart Grids Austria” will serve as competent national discussion and implementation partner for the European Technology Platform – Smart Grids. The main activities can be seen in achieving a common consensus of all partners on the thematic content and strategy of the platform, to create and install a joint management structure, to define thematic focus areas for market aspects, to coordinate R&D as well as demonstration activities, as well as relevant framework conditions for Smart Grids.

The Austrian industry has economic opportunities to become a major player in the growing Smart Grid market. To be able to use this opportunities most efficiently, optimal framework conditions are necessary. The overall goal is to be a technological leader in some of the business cases and create high qualified jobs in the energy and communication industry. (smartgrids.at)

NTP SG Austria

Nationale Technologieplattform Smart Grids Austria

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About Marcus Meisel

Marcus Meisel, MSc. BSc. since 2007 in the Energy&IT Group at the Institute of Computer Technology at the TU Wien and currently works there as university assistant, project leader, and project manager of RASSA-Architecture, Spin.OFF, iniGrid, and eNDUSTRIE 4.0 and also is the person in charge of gender equality. He graduated in the Software & Information Engineering class of 2009 and Software Engineering & Internet Computing class of 2015. Latest projects are focused on security in smart grids (SG)2, establishing a steak-holder process for a smart grid reference architecture in Austria, (RASSA-Prozess), the technology transition from centralized to distributed infrastructures (ICT4RobustGrid), the specification of web services for a secure smart grid (SmartWebGrid), the development of promising demand response scenarios up to 2020 (SmartResponse), the measurement of different technical customer electricity usage solutions (C2G), the simulation of geographically shiftable energy of buildings, electrical vehicles, and data centers (GeoGreen), the simulation of integrating electrified vehicles into the power grid (VehicleGrid), and the measurement and targeted modulation of electrical loads as a logical network, a virtual power plant (GAVE), the Integral Resource Optimization Concept (IRON). Apart from his work as a project assistant, his current responsibilities next to publications are gender equality, comprehensive communication of project teams, documentation, and the web- and media presence of the Energy&IT Group. Besides, he is a freelance professional photographer and works foremost with issues of science communication.
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