IRON optimize price and resource information

In this project, the dynamic optimization of the resource “Electric Energy” in  an automated distributed grid Austria is explored. Details

NTP SG Austria

NTP SG Austria – National Technology Plattform Smart Grids

There are many existing opportunities for the Austrian industry in the area of Smart Grids (e.g. for component development, software systems, steering tools). To use these opportunities, a “National Technology Platform – Smart Grids Austria” was founded in May 2008 through national industry, network operators, and research stakeholders. The “National… Details

News-based simulation of electrical load flows

In this project, the focus is on the implementation of a message-based load flow analysis method based on a forward / backward step method. Details

Solar Cooling Opt

Solar Cooling Opt – Primary energy optimization of solar cooling systems with efficient system engineering and innovative control strategies

Solar thermal cooling devices are only useful when they need significantly less electrical (auxiliary) energy than conventional compression chillers. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most systems that are already designed. Therefore, the aim of this project is to reduce the primary energy consumption of solar thermal cooling systems… Details

Vehicle to Grid

V2G – Creation of a conversion plan for vehicle to grid interface development

The project will develop concepts for interaction portals (visualization and user interface) for electric automotive customers in the Smart Grids model region of Salzburg, evaluate requirements  and provide a cost/benefit analysis of a future vehicle to grid implementation in the form of a feasibility study. A plan for the implementation… Details

Ausgleich des Energieverbrauchs mit Gebäuden

BED – Balancing Energy Demands with Buildings

This project addresses the prime question regarding to what extend the load profiles can be smoothed (peak shaving) and controlled by means of new control strategies in the thermal and thus the electrical operation of functional buildings. Details

Frequency-reactive load management in electrical networks

In this work a new model for the behavior of distributed energy storage in management of load processes is derived. The model is based on case studies and measurements of electrical loads in which slow thermal processes occur. Details

Smart Synergy

SmartSynergy – Synergy potentials in the IKT infrastructure for various smart grid applications

The main objectives in this project are the synergetic use of the ICT infrastructure for several applications as well as the validation of the actual realizable synergy potentials Details

Vehicle Grid

VehicleGrid – Integration of e-mobility into the electrical network

The main objective of the project “Integration of low emission vehicles with the electric distribution grid” is to estimate and further develop basic possibilities for energy supply by means of rechargeable batteries in alternative automotive concepts such as hybrid vehicles, fuel cell cars, electric vehicles with the inclusion of intelligent communication systems (intelligent energy systems) for Austria. Details


ViPOTCO – Transport of materials by throwing

The ICT will develop the appropriate fishing infrastructure to transport materials by throwing Details