Multi-agent systems (MAS) are able to cope with complex tasks in various areas of daily life.An application field is the electric power grid and research approaches towards smart grids. Due to the increased complexity, sole control by the human seems impossible and thus high- performance  assistance control systems are required. Details


In thermischen Gebäudesystemen werden mittlerweile zwar Daten gesammelt, die Auswertung im laufenden Betrieb geht allerdings über reine Alarmierung bei Fehlern nicht hinaus. Für gängige Systeme mit solaren Heiz- und Kühlkomponenten sollen Algorithmen entwickelt werden, die Fehler und Ineffizienzen automatisch und möglichst systemunabhängig aus den laufenden Monitoring-Daten erkennen. Die Algorithmen werden in ausgewählten Pilotanlagen getestet. Monitoring-Infrastruktur ist bereits vorhanden und nicht Teil des Projekts. Details

SmartLV Grid

pcoming challenges for low voltage grids include a high penetration of distributed energy resources and electric vehicles. The project aims to enable an efficient and cost effective use of existing grid infrastructures based on a three-step concept: intelligent planning, on-line monitoring, active grid management. Communication-based systems for automatic control concepts for low voltage networks will be developed and evaluated by putting
them into practice. Details


In the context of numerous demonstration activities and pilot deployments of Smart Grid technologies in Austria, the need for a testing environment for automation components, smart grid controllers and their parameterization became obvious. The test facility “Intelligent Low Voltage Grid” allows various smart grid use cases to be analyzed and demonstrated. It provides a real low voltage grid with down scaled power and reduced configuration. Details

Smart Response

Smart Response – Demand Response for Austrian Smart Grids

Automated demand response has the potential to be an essential future tool for maintaining the balance of supply and demand in electrical energy systems with a very high density of generation from renewable sources. This project is tackling the problem of missing demand response implementations in Austria by analyzing demand response as a multidisciplinary phenomenon with technical, social, economic and ecologic aspects, in order to identify barriers and starting points for future developments. Details

Consumer to Grid

C2G – Consumer to Grid

The C2G Experiment Platform is the central data hub, where online and static data from the “real world”(the selected customers) is coming together, is analysed and pre-processed to generate multimodal information output for the customer. Details


DAVIC – Distributed Automation Via Implicit Channel

The main objective of the DAVIC project is to meet the rapidly increasing demand of the electrical energy using existing infrastructure of electrical power generation and distribution in an innovative and more efficient way. The increasing mismatch of energy supply and demand reveals the need for having a robust IT and communication solution in the energy sector to intensify information exchange in the grid. DAVIC is a simulation platform using OmNet++ as underlying tool. Details

SimTech Concept

SimTech Concept – Simulation Technology Laboratory Concept

The SimTech Concept is the business plan and theoretical conception of a distributed power system research laboratory for real-time simulations as well as actual power systems hardware. Details

DG DemoNet

DG DemoNet Concept – Distributed Generation Demonstration Network

DG DemoNet

The main goal of the “DG DemoNet Concept” project is to analyze the possibilities for implementing different technical solutions for enabling a very high DG penetration of the medium and/or high voltage grid.