When Heating is Doing Everything Right

Within the project KORE (Kognitive Regelstrategieoptimierung zur Energieeffizienzsteigerung in Gebäuden) the Energy+IT-Group of the Institute of Computertechnology of the TU Wien applied a cognitive architecture to generate control strategies in building automation systems. The project was executed in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Automation Systems Group of the TU Wien (ASG) On 2018-09-21, a news paper article was published in “die Presse” about the project.

Link to the article in “die Presse” with the title “Wenn die Heizung alles richtig macht”:

The project homepage can be visited by following this link:

About Alexander Wendt

Dr. Alexander Wendt is a project assistant at TU Vienna, Institute of Computer Technique (ICT). After his study of technical physics at the TU Vienna in 2007, he worked as a Safety Engineer at Frequentis AG. From 2010 to 2016, he worked on his Ph.D. the area of cognitive architectures. His research focuses on the areas of artificial intelligence as well as smart grids. Since 2011, he works in different projects in the field of Smart Grids. The focus is in the development of software architectures, which are implemented as a server, agents or control programs in Smart Grids projects. Since 2014, he works on the adaptation and implementation of cognitive architectures into control systems of buildings and other applications. He has published 20+ papers. At the IECON 2013, he was session chair for the sessions “Cognitive Architectures and Multi-agent Systems” and “Smart and Universal Grids”. He was invited to the ERF 2016 (European Robotics Forum) on the “SPARC Workshop on cognitive robotics”, where he was responsible for the group handling cognitive architectures.
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