Intelligent All-rounder

The Institute of Computer Technology at the TU Wien, in cooperation with several Austrian research partners, develops an intelligent switching device for energy management in industrial and commercial settings. The ongoing increase in renewable energy sources create an increased demand for intelligent and flexible components to face the new challenges… Details

Conference: SESWA 2017

The Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2017 Conference was held in the Messe Congress in Graz. About 300 national and international experts got together, including speakers from Canada. Details

Conference ISIE 2017

RASSA-architecture presentation in ISIE 2017 Details

Studie Topologieerkennungsalgorithmen

A switch state detection algorithm was developed by Austrian Institute of Technology.  With switch state detection, it shall be possible to recognize the state of the switches in a grid based on voltage and current measurements of the grid. The tasks of the project is to first perform a state of the art analysis in this research area and to evaluate and analyse the available algorithm, in order be able to implement it in future applications, like the “intelligent low voltage grid” of the project GRID2020. Details

Grid2020-DEMO 07/2013 – 12/2014

This project is an extension of the project Grid2020-DEMO. Details

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