C2G – Consumer to Grid

Consumer to Grid

The C2G Experiment Platform is the central data hub, where online and static data from the “real world”(the selected customers) is coming together, is analysed and pre-processed to generate multimodal information output for the customer.

The platform therefore is in the center of the feedback loop which is built up in the project to analyze the user reaction on consumption information.

Consumer to Grid


About energyit

Energy & IT is a research group at the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. We work in research projects of two domains, on one side power engineering and information technology (IT) on the other side, with our goal of connecting both fields of research. The CO2-complex of problems, rising energy demand, and use of IT are causing a fundamental change of electrical energy usage. The tasks of IT inside the energy system starts with sensory data acquisition of usage data, including databases, electrical energy services, up to global distributed control mechanisms of distributed energy resources.
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