Multi-agent systems (MAS) are able to cope with complex tasks in various areas of daily life.An application field is the electric power grid and research approaches towards smart grids. Due to the increased complexity, sole control by the human seems impossible and thus high- performance  assistance control systems are required. In order to use multi-agent systems, an efficient and fault-tolerant ICT infrastructure that is feasible for the task of remote control solutions, is needed. ICT4RobustGrid analyses existing communication technologies and protocols and compares them with the requirements of a MAS and smart grid applications and provides a road map for a possible transition from a centralized to a decentralized control system in the power supply grid. The results of the project  pointed out, among other, weaknesses and strengths of wireless and wireline communication technologies – in relation to bandwidth, error rate, traffic congestion, signal attenuation, security, quality of service etc.- and will be significantly useful for further research, as far as the communication between customers’ gateway, appliances and DSO controller is concerned.

ICT4RobustGrid Transition Roadmap

ICT4RobustGrid Transition Roadmap

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  • Gawron-Deutsch, T.; Widder, T.; „Approaching Verification and Validation Challenges in Smart Grids”, Okt. 2014, Proceedings of the ComForEn 2014, Vienna http://energyit.ict.tuwien.ac.at/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/ComForEn_2014_Tagungsband.pdf
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  • Faschang, Mario; Xypolytou, Evangelia; Meisel, Marcus; Wendt, Alexander; Kaufmann, Thomas; Litzlbauer, Markus; Marchgraber, Jürgen; Bibl, Matthias; Prostejovsky, Alexander; Gawron-Deutsch, Tobias; Kienesberger, Georg; „Transition Roadmap — from centralized to massively decentralized grid control systems“, Nov. 2014, Wissenschaftlicher Bericht für die FFG, Eigenverlag des Institut für Computertechnik der TU Wien, Energy&IT Group, (2015), Herausgeber: Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Meisel, Bakk. techn., 75p. (WEB: ICT4RobustGrid Transition Roadmap ) ISBN: 978-3-200-04337-4

About energyit

Energy & IT is a research group at the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. We work in research projects of two domains, on one side power engineering and information technology (IT) on the other side, with our goal of connecting both fields of research. The CO2-complex of problems, rising energy demand, and use of IT are causing a fundamental change of electrical energy usage. The tasks of IT inside the energy system starts with sensory data acquisition of usage data, including databases, electrical energy services, up to global distributed control mechanisms of distributed energy resources.
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