RASSA-Stakeholder Process

Stakeholder Process” of the “Reference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in Austria”-Initiative

The project RASSA Process works out a profound concept for the development of a coordinated smart grids reference architecture for Austria under involvement of all relevant actors. The reference architecture serves as a “blueprint” for further smart grids solutions. By using the principles of this reference architecture it is possible to achieve secure, safe and inter-operable smart grids in an easy and harmonized way. Based on technological-scientific elements of a reference architecture (technological requirements, state of the art) a process will be worked out, which meets the requirements of all relevant stakeholders like operators of infrastructure, industry and also public agencies, who will be involved in a target group specific way. The process has to fulfill the necessary coordination and communication to achieve a national accepted and international orientated reference architecture.

Prioritized and categorized stakeholders

About Lampros Fotiadis

Lampros Fotiadis MEng, MBA, was born in 1980 in Greece. His passion for engineering led him to receive his Engineer’s degree (MEng equivalent) from the Electrical and Computer Engineering school of the Aristotle University (Greece) in 2004. During his studies, he specialised in Electronics and Computer Engineering. In his diploma thesis, he simulated and implemented a multi-zone fuzzy-logic heating system using a real-time reconfigurable System-on-Chip. Pursuing a holistic approach to solving engineering problems, he successfully earned an MBA degree from the University of Macedonia (Greece) in 2006 and his master thesis examined the relation between European environmental policies and the European Energy market. He worked as an expert IT and Physical security consultant for more than 10 years and his expertise include system design and requirement analysis, system integration and product management. His recent areas of interests are Data Science, Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving and Smart Grids. Since February 2017 he is working as project member at the Institute of Computer Technology in the Energy&IT Group, where he is especially contributing know-how as IT and physical security consultant in the areas of smart grids and industry 4.0.
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