Energy & IT research group, Institute of Computer Technology – TUWien

Energy & IT is a research group at the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. We work in research projects of two domains, on one side power engineering and information technology (IT) on the other side, with our goal of connecting both fields of research. The CO2-complex of problems, rising energy demand, and use of IT are causing a fundamental change of electrical energy usage. The tasks of IT inside the energy system starts with sensory data acquisition of usage data, including databases, electrical energy services, up to global distributed control mechanisms of distributed energy resources.





 This research project aims to realize a smart salt water battery storage system within the FutureBase which is a planned office building in Vienna’s 21st district. Details


Sensorbasiertes Smart Lighting für verkehrsadaptives Beleuchtungsmanagement zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz. Beleuchtung im öffentlichen Raum für Straßen, sowie Rad- und Fußwege haben einen großen Anteil am kommunal anfallenden Energieverbrauch Details

eNDUSTRY 4.0 – Immersion in Competences for Companies in the Range of Industry 4.0 Topics

Die TU Wien entwickelt gemeinsam mit der FH Technikum Wien, der Donau- Universität Krems sowie weiteren wissenschaftlichen Partner_innen in Zusammenarbeit mit engagierten Unternehmen, eine zukunftsorientierte und maßgeschneiderte Qualifizierungsmaßnahme. Details

Studie Topologieerkennungsalgorithmen

A switch state detection algorithm was developed by Austrian Institute of Technology.  With switch state detection, it shall be possible to recognize the state of the switches in a grid based on voltage and current measurements of the grid. The tasks of the project is to first perform a state of the art analysis in this research area and to evaluate and analyse the available algorithm, in order be able to implement it in future applications, like the “intelligent low voltage grid” of the project GRID2020. Details

Grid2020-DEMO 07/2013 – 12/2014

This project is an extension of the project Grid2020-DEMO. Details

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