Energy&IT Group, Institute of Computer Technology – TU Wien

The real CO2 complex of global challenges, the increasing energy demand, and the increasing use of information technology (IT), lead to a fundamental change in energy systems towards interoperable, smart solutions based on scientific achievements. The Energy&IT Group is a research group at the Institute of Computer Technology at the TU Wien. We work in research projects directly at the intersection of the two relevant domains in the emerging energy system, on the one hand power engineering and on the other hand information and communication technology (ICT), whereby  we repeatedly develop the infrastructure in both areas in projects, but are also accustomed to taking over organizational tasks.

Through more than 40 successfully completed projects, we have gained experience in all areas of smart grid applications, smart grid operation, e-mobility, building to grid, demand side management, and many more, but also more “abstract” topics of energy informatics such as smart gird architectures, participation in the European Technology & Innovation Platforms Working Group on Digitization of the Electricity System and Customer Participation (ETIP-SNET WG4) and security and privacy in future, smart energy systems. Competencies of specific technologies are covered in our team, ranging from chip development, FPGAs, sensors, decentralized control and regulation, (multi-)agent systems to data collection and evaluation, machine learning, big data, visualization, services and energy services, to Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, resilience, general Artificial Intelligence, and global technologies such as blockchain and scattered control mechanisms of distributed energy resources.



Current Projects


iniGrid revolutioniert die Energieverteilung bis zum Endnutzer durch innovative Sensorik und Aktorik für aktiv betriebene Verteilnetze. Details


Projekt „Architektur“ als Teil der Initiative “Referenzarchitektur für sichere Smart Grids in Österreich”

KORE – Cognitive Optimization of Control Strategies for Increasing Energy-efficiency in Buildings

In diesem Projekt werden Methoden entwickelt, die kognitive Ansätze zur Planung, Abstraktion und Bewertung auf Energiemanagement im Gebäude anwenden Details


In diesem Projekt soll in die FutureBase, ein in Planung befindliches Bürogebäude im 21ten Wiener Gemeindebezirk. Details


Die TU Wien entwickelt gemeinsam mit der FH Technikum Wien, der Donau- Universität Krems sowie weiteren wissenschaftlichen Partner_innen in Zusammenarbeit mit engagierten Unternehmen, eine zukunftsorientierte und maßgeschneiderte Qualifizierungsmaßnahme. Details

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