Active Projects


Optimizing industrial production processes for supply with 100% renewable energy
2021 – 2023

The project investigates methods for adapting the planning of industrial production steps in industrial processes to the availability of renewable energy. When changing Austria’s energy supply to 100% renewables (#mission 2030) …

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Service Optimization of Novel Distributed Energy Regions
2019 – 2023

Local and regional energy systems are expected to become important partners for distribution system operators, and significant contributors to energy system stability. There are no control strategies for communities to manage …

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Concepts, Planning, Demonstration and Replication of Local User-friendly Energy Communities
2019 – 2023

Local Energy Communities (LECs) will be an important element of the future energy system. These community-led cooperatives cooperate in the production, distribution, storage and supply of energy at local level with the aim to …

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Community Flexibility in Regional Local Energy Systems
2019 – 2023

The structural change from hierarchical energy supply networks with centrally controlled (bulk)-generation to an interaction of steadily growing, decentralized, volatile renewable energies requires novel control concepts. The purpose …

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Pinpoint IoT

Localization by directional antennas in industrial Internet of Things
2019 – 2021

One of the benefits expected by digitalization of production environments is a tremendous increase in flexibility. The vision is a volatile Industrial Internet of Things requiring only marginal engineering and installation effort. Localization …

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Recently Completed Projects


Self-monitoring based process Adaptation for quality assurance in heterogeneous VErsatile manufacturing
2018 – 2020

In the context of Industry 4.0, constantly evolving production systems generate the need for a highly adaptive and autonomous automation system with lean maintenance, minimum downtime, maximum reliability, and resilience. Due …

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Storage Integration in Office Building into FutureBase
2016 – 2019

Concerning energy efficiency, a resilient city also promotes energy consumption at the same spot as it was gained. Therefore, several different opportunities such as Demand Side Management, predictive control of heat and cooling …

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Completed Projects


Cognitive Optimization of Control Strategies for Increasing Energy-efficiency in Buildings
2015 – 2018

Energy systems in buildings are often operated not energy-optimized. Especially heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are inefficiently operated. From the real world it is known that 10% increase of energy efficiency can be reached …

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Immersion in Competences for Companies in the Range of Industry 4.0 Topics
2016 – 2018

Digitalization will change processes, structures, and technologies in companies – just as the roles, tasks, and employee’s methods of working are changing. The „new” levers for increasing efficiency and business success are found …

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Integration of Innovative Distributed Sensors and Actuators in Smart Grids
2014 – 2018

The aim of the iniGrid project is to develop and validate innovative sensor and actuator components for smart distribution grids. As a consequence of the massive integration of renewables, active capacity management in …

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Project “Architecture” as Part of the Initiative “Reference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in Austria”
2015 – 2017

Motivated by the need to efficiently integrate volatile energy sources, innovative smart grid technologies have been recently developed. This has led to a significant increase in the use of ICT technologies within the electrical power …

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