Das Kick-Off einer neuen Serie of conferences, the 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (https://icps2018.net/) was held on 15-18 May in the premises of ITMO University in Saint-Petersburg. There were numerous topics, the main topics were Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Stefan Wilker presented the work “eNDUSTRIE 4.0 – A Future Technologies Qualification Network for Local Businesses” in the Education and Social Aspects Track. It describes the methodology and the results that were collected in a qualification network with company partners from all over Austria on the subject of Industry 4.0. The organizers have put together a great program: An industry forum provided a platform for national and international companies to share their experience and projects in cyber-phyical systems. In addition, two half-day excursions were offered, which offered insights into the activities of Diakont and Thermex Corporation. Numerous Russian delicacies were served, which also enabled time-restricted participants of the compact program to get something good out of Russia. The university was involved with a play specially rehearsed in English, which celebrated its premiere there. An estimated 150 participants won the conference. A good start to a new conference series! The above publication can be found under DOI: 10.1109 / ICPHYS.2018.8390755. In contrary to all fears, I managed to get along well with English Saint-Petersburg. If there was a communication problem, bystanders were called to translate, for example, to answer questions or show the way. We look forward to continuing this conference series!